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GlareGuard Filter - Profile
"the ultimate viewing systemTN"

GlareGuard Maximum Plus
GlareGuard Filter brings sharper, clearer and more stable images to your display screen and enhances contrast to help reduce visual fatigue or eye strain, which can contribute to Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

More than 100 million Display Screen users worldwide visit an eyecare specialist every year because of glare problems associated with working at a computer display screen.
Left untreated CVS can impair vision and productivity hence reducing the benefits of computer technology.

3M Innovation
GlareGuard produced by 3M for Display Screen Users worldwide, using OCLI High Efficiency Anti-Reflection (HEAR) space age optical technology, helps prevent visual fatigue or eyestrain which can lead to CVS.

GlareGuard "the ultimate viewing systemTN" is available today for you to try for 30 days on your screen on our sale or return (subject to status and location). Call us on +44 (0) 1993 883277 today or use our enquiry form.

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